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Grassy Valley Mother’s Day Out exists to serve our families by nurturing children in an educational setting while showing the love of God. We seek to fulfill each child’s social, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs while in the program through Bible stories, curriculum, love, and play each day. Grassy Valley Mother’s Day Out also follows all guidelines set forth by Knox County Department of Human Resources including goals of each age level. We currently have classes for 1 to 4 year olds.

Summer Program 2014 Sign up NOW

Grassy Valley Mother’s Day Out
We are pleased to announce our Summer 2014 Program! This year it will start June 3rd and go through July 31st. The hours will be from 9 to 3 on Tuesday and Thursday but one thing different is we will have classes for ages 1 and walking to 5th grade!
The summer program will be filled with water days, field trips, science experiments, cooking classes, and fun days! We will still be learning but in a fun way!
The summer tuition is $200 for June and $250 for July and you can choose both months or one month. Also, there is a $25 registration and activity fee. Each child will need a white T-Shirt (we will design it the first week), the T-Shirts will be worn for field trips. This is a little higher but includes all the fun activities we will have and the extra hour. Space will be limited so hurry to sign up!
For questions or to register please see Director or call 693-1741.
Register today so your children won’t be left bored and restless for the summer. Give them time to have fun, learn, be active, and socialize while you take a break for a few hours! 

For more information please contact Cassie Williamson at 693-1741 or 237-5787 or email at

School Year Program 2013-2014

Starting August 13, 2013 we will start our school year program. We are open every Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am to 2 pm and follow Knox County Schools for all holidays. We accept ages 1 and walking thru 5th grade. The program is in a structured classroom teaching Bible basics and helping each child with age appropriate goals to help them succeed! The cost is $155 a month. There is a $30 yearly supply fee and $50 registration fee for the year. **Registration has started! Please call to schedule a tour or for more information.**


2013-2014 Parent Handbook
Application Form
Handbook Acknowledgement Form
Information Sheet for Teachers


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