Creation Weekend

Creation Weekend

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Is the Bible opposed to science? Do we accept the book of Genesis purely by faith, in spite of “scientific evidence”? How old is the earth? Can we know? What about the dinosaurs? Is a world-wide flood even possible? How could all of those animals fit on the ark? How could a good God allow for so much suffering and death?

Those are just some of the topics that creation evangelist, Skip Tilton, will be addressing August 27 - 29 at Grassy Valley Baptist Church. Skip believes that it is the ministry of the evangelist to serve the local church, and in that capacity, he uses a Biblical Worldview as the starting point and building block to exhort the unsaved to trust the creator, and to admonish the saved to not be swayed by secular humanism and false claims against the Bible and Biblical thinking. By teaching what the Bible says about creation, he emphasizes the major truths of a proper Biblical Worldview, and at the same time exposes the church to the attacks being used against the authority of the Word of God. Many believers aren’t aware of  the issues of Secular Humanism and how prevalent it is in our culture today.

The goal of this Biblical Worldview Con is to help us learn how to think biblically, provide relevant answers to secular humanism, and challenge the lost to consider the alternative to what they have been taught. Whether you have studied Scripture for a lifetime, just come to know the Lord, or consider yourself to be skeptical about spiritual things, you will find these meetings to be interesting, challenging and helpful.

Make your plan to be at Grassy Valley Baptist Church for every session of this important conference.  Invite someone to attend with you!


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